How To Order Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser)

Ordering Questionnaires is Free!*

* If ordering paper questionnaires, you will be required to pay us for shipping, and be responsible for returning all the paper questionnaires to us (even if you need to cancel).
If you lose more than 15% of the paper questionnaires we send you, you will be charged 16¢ for each questionnaire lost over the 15% allowed.
Return all your blank paper questionnaires and there is no charge to participate other than shipping!

* If ordering online questionnaires, there is no charge to set up your on-line survey (even if you need to cancel).

1) School Information

2) Contact Information

Student Representative

Staff Advisor/Sponsor/Teacher

3) Program Options

4) Any Additional Printouts?

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5) Any Special Instructions?

Mention any coupons, custom programming, or special requests...

6) Any Custom Message?

Advertise any message on the bottom of your printouts!

For example: "Thanks for supporting your Student Council, all proceeds go to help your worthy cause"

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