What Makes Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser) Special

Everything is fully customizable!

If you require something different, just let us know.

The standard Matchomatics printout contains up to:

  • 30 Same Grade Matches and Friends
  • 20 Remaining Grade Matches and Friends
  • 10 Most Opposite Matches and Friends
  • 2 Mystery Matches for your students to try and solve the mystery of who they might be. The Mystery Matches will only show a person's first name and printout number.
  • 1 Quizzy-Word to quiz your friends with.
  • Complete Matchstistics which list:
    • the # of people matched.
    • the # of people with the same first and last names.
    • the # of people with the same birth month, birthday, and exact same birth date (only if birth dates are collected).
  • 1 Meditation selected specifically for each person.
  • 3 Virtues selected specifically for each person.
  • Extra helpful features:
    • each person's name is reprinted at the bottom of the printout for easier distribution
    • each printout is numbered in case your printouts get out of order.

Plus, only Matchomatics gives you 2 ratings for every match!

  • Their % - the statistical % chance that you will like the people on your list.
  • Your % - the statistical % chance that the people on your list will like you.

Add Birthday Trivia (for only $0.10 more) onto the back of each person's printout and everyone gets:

  • 5 Birthday Buddies (the people with birthdays closest to yours).
  • 10 Celebro-Matches (most astrologically compatible celebrities).
  • 10 Zodio-Matches (most astrologically compatible students).
  • 3 Days Old facts (cool facts about how many times things have happened so far in your life).
  • Your Birthstone.
  • A famous quote.
  • your Chinese Horoscope.
  • your Western Horoscope.
  • a full This Day in History report.
  • a little known Did You Know? trivia.
  • plus a personalized Biorhythm chart showing your Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual highs and lows for the next 31 days.

Popular Option 94% of schools choose the Birthday Trivia option!

All printouts contain the same information with each printout type, it just depends how you want your printouts presented:


We provide you with a PDF file of all your results that you can print or email
$1.05 per printout sold

PDF File

Receive a pdf file of all your results that you can print or email yourself.

We can also email the results directly to your students for you if you wish, for an additional one-time $15 service fee.

This saves on shipping as we do not ship you any physically printed printouts with this option.


Full Color 8.5" x 11" Printouts
$1.15 per printout sold


Paper printouts provides a physical 8.5" x 11" paper printout for each participant shipped directly to your school.


Semi-private Folded Paper Printouts
$1.20 per printout sold


Folded Service folds your paper printouts in thirds. This gives you semi-privacy without the cost of envelopes!


Confidentially Sealed Printouts
$1.40 per printout sold


Deluxe service folds and confidentially seals your paper printouts in flashy window envelopes for maximum privacy and easier distribution.

Matchomatics includes all gender identities in the matching process.

Our industry exclusive non-binary gender question on the questionnaire and our "matches/friends" and "friends/matches" printout headings ensures a fully equity and diversity compliant matching fundraiser!

Matchomatics has every matching procedure you can think of...

All Grades Most Popular!
Matches all the grades together (just like the sample printout).
Everyone receives a printout with a section that lists the best matches and friends from their Same Grade and another section that lists the best matches and friends from All the Other Grades in your school.
One Above - Same - One Below Matches everyone one grade above, their same grade, and one grade below.
You can also specify how many grades to go above and/or below: (for example: 2 above - same - 1 below).
Specific Grade Matching Tell us the grade ranges you want matched together and we do the rest!
For example, to match your junior high separately from your senior high, just tell us the grade groupings you want matched: (7-8) and (9-12)
Friendship Match Only All your participants are matched regardless of gender.
Optional We also have an entirely separate program called Friendomatics made specifically for Friendship Matching Only.
Opposite Gender Only Opposite gender matches only (no friends).
Staff with Students Teachers are normally only matched with other teachers.
If you want teachers matched with students, you must specify this when ordering.
Mentor Match Only provide the top unique match for each participant. Perfect for matching a group of older "mentor" students with younger "apprentice" students.
Custom Matches the participants any way you want!
Simply tell us when ordering and we will make it happen!

Our Experience is your best guarantee of success

You only pay for the printouts you sell (plus shipping).

  • There are no purchase minimums, and no charge to process your questionnaires.
  • You do not even need to return your unsold printouts, we trust your integrity.

Over 38 years as a trusted school fundraiser!

  • Thousands of satisfied schools. Millions of students matched.
  • Matchomatics scans, processes, and prints all of your forms entirely from within our own secure location. And with our paper questionnaires, no third parties are ever used.

This ensures all of your information remains CONFIDENTIAL.

Matchomatics provides questionnaires for everybody!

  • No photocopying or printing is required!

We will ship you paper questionnaires or your students can complete their questionnaires online.

We have 11 different questionnaires to choose from or you can make up your own custom questionnaire.

    Optional Question
  1. You are more attracted to:
    1) same gender
    2) opposite gender
    3) any gender
    4) prefer not to say

This optional question allows each participant to indicate what gender they are more attracted to.

This further enhances everyone's matches without actually showing anyone's individual preference on the printouts.

This question is an option for schools with an active Gay-Straight-Alliance Club but it is not required to produce an all inclusive printout.

If this is something you want, be sure to say 'YES' to the gender preference question when ordering your questionnaires.

Questionnaires are free to fill out so EVERYONE can participate!

4 different ways to get your questionnaires:

  • Online Survey available in 1-2 school days and only costs a one time $10 set-up fee (or $15 if a custom questionnaire is used).
  • Slow Shipping (paper questionnaires) takes up to 7 schools days to arrive and costs as low as $16 (each way)).
  • Medium Shipping (paper questionnaires) takes 3-5 school days to arrive and costs as low as $22 (each way)).
  • Fast Shipping (paper questionnaires) takes 1-2 school days to arrive and costs as low as $33 (each way)).
  • Click here to get an actual shipping estimate.

All questionnaires are processed with:

  • Super accurate electronic data entry.
  • Profanity checking.
  • Visual name verification to fix names that are filled out incorrectly.
  • A confidential and super fast way of processing your data.

Free Custom Message on your printouts

  • Personalize your printouts to help promote your charitable cause or an upcoming event.
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