Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser) Testimonials

  • "Thank you. You guys are awesome. Your customer service and way of doing things is awesome."

    Southridge Junior High School
  • "Good morning, Canada! Payment is on the way from the Delaware Military Academy. Thanks again for all your help;
    I LOVE your fundraiser."

    Delaware Military Academy
  • "We love that you don't have to sort by grade and alphabetize them yourself."

    Boonville High School
  • "We used another company last year and Matchomatics outclassed it by far! Birthday Trivia was a big hit!"

    McDonald High School
  • "Matchomatics was a cool program and everyone had a great time!"

    Mascononet Regional High School
  • "Reliable, well put together system at a good price. It was easy to have the whole student body involved and excited."

    Sheboygan County Christian High
  • "We could not lose any money as unsold forms were returnable. It turned out to be a good fundraiser."

    Tech Memorial High School
  • "We went with Matchomatics because it was different. We liked the Birthday Trivia feature."

    Buffalo High School
    West Virginia
  • "Matchomatics was a lot of fun. Thank you! We will be customers for a long time."

    Nicollet High School
  • "We liked the Deluxe service and Most Compatible Friend. It was a Great Fundraiser!"

    Milan High School
  • "More interesting features!"

    Rocksprings High School
  • "Matchomatics has better questions!"

    John Calhoun Academy
    South Carolina
  • "Matchomatics's result forms are better than the other computer matching companies."

    Antigo Senior High School
  • "Best price, fastest turnaround time."

    Dakota High School
  • "We were attracted to the Worst Match, Birthday Trivia, and the price."

    Lewiston-Porter Secondary High School
    New York
  • "I liked the idea that you sent all the questionnaires. It was very easy to do!"

    Stewartville Junior-Senior High School
  • "It was disaster proof."

    Redlands High School
  • "Matchomatics has a better selection of questions and the compatibility factor."

    Keller High School
  • "We went with Matchomatics because you separated our results the way we wanted them."

    Warren County Senior High School
  • "Matchomatics looked very simple to do, and it was!"

    Hayden Senior High School
  • "Clear, good, useable questions."

    Granite Hills High School
  • "Matchomatics has large, easy to read, professional looking result forms."

    Mounds View High School
  • "Matchomatics gives a variety of information returned on the result form, rather than only having 10 people that like you. Matchomatics is a tradition at Governor Livingston!"

    Governer Livingston Regional High School
    New Jersey
  • "Did not have to pay for unsold forms. It was a good fundraiser and created lots of interest."

    West Hopkins High School
  • "Matchomatics proved to be more profitable and more organized, something we haven't had in a long time. Thank you!"

    Carrolton High School
  • "Matchomatics has good questions, costs less, and has toll-free numbers. A great fundraiser!"

    Chimacun High School
  • "Overall, Matchomatics rates much better than other data matching companies! Thank you very much!"

    Western Hills High School
  • "Matchomatics is the easiest, cheapest, and most well-known."

    Blackstone Millville RHS
  • "Best prices. Best questions - not crude or racey. Matchomatics is a great program - we enjoyed working with you all."

    Rockdale County High School
  • "Matchomatics had gone very well in the past, went very well this year, and is very successful overall."

    Boiling Springs High School
  • "In the 8 past years of service you have always gone above and beyond. Your commitment to customer service is why I will continue to use Matchomatics in the future. My sincere thanks! I only have positive things to say about your company!"

    R. L. Turner High School
  • "We use Matchomatics because of your questions, cost, and return time of survey's. Your staff was very helpful. Thank you! The students really enjoyed them!"

    Mountain Home High School
  • "We have always used Matchomatics and it has always worked well."

    Liberty High School
  • "We used Matchomatics because of all the features, the many ways of showing compatibility including best friend, worst compatible, and most compatible throughout the school. We personally like Matchomatics much more than Heart-to-Heart who we've used the last two years."

    Hanover Senior High School
  • "We loved the activity and your customer service. 100% satisfied."

    Edison High School
  • "We use Matchomatics because of the variety of choices you have."

    Attica Senior High School
    New York
  • "Matchomatics has better prices and features."

    Kenmore West High School
    New York
  • "Low maintenance fund raiser. Do not have to pay for anything in advance."

    Maury High School
  • "Matchomatics is more professional."

    Hood River Valley High School
  • "Students prefer Matchomatics's feedback info."

    Jonesport-Beals High School
  • "We use Matchomatics because its printed on nice paper."

    Scarsdale High School
    New York
  • "Matchomatics has Friendship Match!"

    Broken Bow High School
  • "Matchomatics sounded like a fun fundraiser, and it was!"

    South High School
  • "Good questions. Quick service."

    Sandord-Fritch High School
  • "We tried another company last year, it was very poor quality, so we're back to using Matchomatics! Thank you for everything!"

    Duluth East High School
  • "Matchomatics is more fun, has Friendship Match, and Birthday Trivia. Thanks! We want to do this again next year!!"

    North Crowley High School
  • "Matchomatics has Folded forms and Birthday Trivia! Our local company doesn't."

    Wichita Falls High School
  • "We used Matchomatics because it has better questions, best friends, and least compatible matches."

    Riverside-Brookfield High
  • "We have been doing Matchomatics for years. Fantastic Service. Nice People. Thank you for your prompt returns!"

    Westmoreland Middle School
  • "We had used Computer Fun in the past but Matchomatics is far more appealing. Great service. Thanks!"

    Edwardsville High School
  • "We like the Matchomatics printouts - easy to read - fun!!"

    Windsor High School
  • "We use Matchomatics because of its profit capability and ease of use. Love your staff! Friendly, incredibly helpful, and courteous! Thank you so much. It is so rare in the business world today to find a company so ready to serve their clients fairly. We recommend your service to all future class advisors."

    Owings Mills High School
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