Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser) Cost & Profit

All amounts in CAD $

Your Cost
per printout sold

Type of Service Cost


add Birthday Trivia 10¢
add Folded
add Deluxe 15¢
Order and sell these Additional Printouts and make even more profit...
Additional Printouts Cost
Remaining Grade printouts 70¢


Your Profit when you charge

per printout

Type of Service Profit per printout sold for printouts sold
Economy $1.05 $315.00
with Birthday Trivia
$0.95 $285.00
Folded $1.00 $300.00
with Birthday Trivia
$0.90 $270.00
Deluxe $0.90 $270.00
with Birthday Trivia
$0.80 $240.00
Additional Profit when you sell Additional Printouts for $2.00 each...
Additional Printout Profit per additional printout sold for 300 printouts sold for 1,000 printouts sold
Remaining Grade printouts $1.30 $390.00 $1,300.00
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