Matchomatics Custom Questionnaire

Custom - make up your own questionnaire (additional $5 set-up fee)

Make up and use any questions you want!

The first 9 questions must remain as they are (some exceptions can be made).

After that, you are allowed to make up (or use) up to an additonal 26 questions.

The maximum number of questions allowed in total is 35 (you can have less if you want).

Each question can have up to 8 responses each (numbered 1 through 8).

Please be sure to choose and make up questions that are appropriate for your school and please review it with your advisor

Important note for paper questionnaires: (not applicable when using an online survey)

When using your own custom paper questionnaires we only ship you the answer forms (bubble sheets) for your students to fill out their name and the answers to your questions.

You are responsible for creating and duplicating enough questionnaires for your students to read from.

If you do not have access to a photocopier we can print your custom questionnaire on the back of our paper answer forms for a cost of per questionnaire.

Please call us for details.

Complete instructions and a template (with tons of sample questions) are available to download in 2 different formats

Please specify whether you want gender preference or not before downloading...

With gender preference?   Yes   No

Matchomatics Custom Questionnaire Template - use Microsoft Word to edit and print your custom questionnaire.

Matchomatics Custom Questionnaire Template - use Google Docs to edit and print your custom questionnaire.

(The above links will open in a new window which you can then save and edit on your own computer).
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