Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser) Questionnaires

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Matchomatics has 11 different questionnaires to choose from (or you can make up your own custom questionnaire).

There is also a questionnaire available for Universities and Colleges.

The first 10 questions are the same on each. After that, each questionnaire has its own style.

Be sure to choose one that is most appropriate for your school and please review it with your advisor

All of our questionnaires can now have an optional gender preference question added on
Show questionnaires with the Gender Preference question?
Yes | No
# Name Description Available in Paper Format?
1-GP FUN more funky
2-GP HOT more humorous
3-GP SIZZLING more liberal
5-GP COOL more conservative
6-GP WARM room temperature
7-GP WACKY a lotta wild
8-GP PHAT some sugar some spice
9-GP SWEET cute and cozy
10-GP EPIC technically superior
11-GP BFF besties forever
U-GP UNIVERSITY ONLY only available to Universities and Colleges
C-GP CUSTOM make up your own questionnaire
= currently out of stock in paper format.
Can be used as an online or custom paper questionnaire only.
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