Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser)

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Matchomatics is COVID-19 Ready

Matchomatics now provides a fully contactless fundraising activity when using our online questionnaires and PDF results.

Student Leaders, are you searching for a profitable activity?

Then your search is over!

The Matchomatics Fundraiser is the easiest and most most fun fundraiser you will ever try.

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Wow, what a year 2021 was.

Matchomatics has been hard at work adding many new options to allow you to continue running our fun, spirit building, school activity for the 2021-2022 school season.

In a time with masks, separation and physical distancing, your student body can still maintain a social connection by running the Matchomatics activity completely contactless.

Some of our features that may help you with any COVID-19 restrictions this year:

  • Online Surveys (students can fill out their questionnaires online).
  • PDF Results (results can be emailed to you, or directly to your students, in PDF format).
  • Contactless Payment Options (to help you collect digital payments directly from your students).
  • A Special COVID-19 Buy Them All Discount:
    • Run Matchomatics as a fun, spirit building, activity (and not as a fundraiser).
    • Purchase all of your printouts and just give them away to your students!
    • We will give you a $0.20 per printout discount!

Matchomatics is the one-and-only all inclusive student matching fundraiser! Everyone can participate as Matchomatics is inclusive of all gender identities and provides printouts of matches and friends for everyone. Good for any school or organization, it's the perfect way to build school spirit in an intriguing, fun filled, and PROFITABLE school activity.

Allow everyone to fill out a FREE online or paper questionnaire! Matchomatics will accurately match your students together and print a personalized result form for each person. Your printouts are promptly returned for you to sell to your students. The more you sell, the more you profit! Our awesome, bold, full color, printouts can contain up to an astonishing 83 matches and have tons of cool features! The best part is, you only pay for the printouts you sell. All unsold printouts are completely refundable and you don't even need to send them back - just let us know how many you have - we trust you!
The Matchomatics fundraiser is the perfect activity to make your spirit weeks and dances the best ever. Matchomatics also makes Winter Carnivals, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break or Prom, perfect opportunities for you to generate money while boosting school spirit.
Care and attention to detail is why thousands of schools trust Matchomatics. Our exclusive scanning system deletes offensive names, and even corrects most names that are filled out wrong. And with Matchomatics's cross match questions and unique rating system, Matchomatics has way more accurate results!
Happy customers say it for us:
"Matchomatics has the best questionnaires, the most awesome printouts, the coolest options, and the sweetest prices, Matchomatics rules!" more testimonials

Matchomatics is the fundraiser of choice, used by thousands of schools, year after year.

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Using this proven method there is absolutely no risk.

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Brad and Rudy

Brad Vokey and Rudy Schirrmeister
The One-and-Only Original Matchomatics Fundraising Team

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