Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser) Frequently Asked Questions

All printouts contain the same information with each type of service, it just depends how you want your printouts presented:


Confidentially Sealed Printouts - 15¢ extra


Deluxe service folds and confidentially seals your printouts in colourful window envelopes for maximum privacy and easier distribution.


Semi-private Folded Printouts - 5¢ extra


Folded Service folds your printouts in thirds. This gives you semi-privacy without the cost of envelopes!


Full Color 8.5" x 11" Printouts
75¢ per printout sold


Economy Service leaves each printout in a letter sized format.

Add Birthday Trivia (for only 10¢ more) onto the back of each person's printout and everyone gets:

  • 5 Birthday Buddies (the people with birthdays closest to yours).
  • 10 Celebro-Matches (most astrologically compatible celebrities).
  • 10 Zodio-Matches (most astrologically compatible students).
  • 3 Days Old facts (cool facts about how many times things have happened so far in your life).
  • Your Birthstone.
  • A famous quote.
  • your Chinese Horoscope.
  • your Western Horoscope.
  • a full This Day in History repot.
  • a little known Did You Know? trivia.
  • plus a personalized Biorhythm chart showing your Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual highs and lows for the next 31 days.

Popular Option 94% of schools choose the Birthday Trivia option!

Matchomatics has 11 different questionnaires to choose from (or you can make up your own custom questionnaire).

There is also a questionnaire available for Universities and Colleges.

The first 9 (or 10) questions are the same on each. After that, each questionnaire has its own style.

Be sure to choose one that is most appropriate for your school and please review it with your advisor/sponsor

NEW All of our questionnaires can now have an optional gender preference question added on
# Name Description with Gender Preference Matching?
1 FUN more funky Yes | No
2 HOT more humorous Yes | No
3 SIZZLING more liberal Yes | No
4 TROPICAL more silly Yes | No
5 COOL more conservative Yes | No
6 WARM room temperature Yes | No
7 WACKY a lotta wild Yes | No
8 PHAT MOST POPULAR! some sugar some spice Yes | No
9 SWEET cute and cozy Yes | No
10 EPIC technically superior Yes | No
11 BFF besties forever Yes | No
U UNIVERSITY ONLY only available to Universities and Colleges Yes
C CUSTOM make up your own questionnaire Yes | No
    Optional Question
  1. You are more attracted to:
    1) same gender
    2) opposite gender
    3) any gender
    4) prefer not to say

This optional question allows each participant to indicate what gender they are more attracted to.

This further enhances everyone's matches without actually showing anyone's individual preference on the printouts.

This question is an option for schools with an active Gay-Straight-Alliance Club but it is not required to produce an all inclusive printout.

If this is something you want, be sure to say 'YES' to the gender preference question when ordering your questionnaires.

The first 9 (or 10 if using a gender preference questionnaire) questions cross match each person's characteristics with each person's preferences. For example: we give a higher percentage rating for tall people for people that prefer someone tall. This makes your matches much more accurate!

show it with the gender preference question

Cross Match Questions

These 9 questions cross match a person's preference with a match's reality
  1. You are?
    1) male
    2) female
    3) other

  2. What grade are you in?
    12) grade 12
    11) grade 11
    10) grade 10
    9) grade 9
    8) grade 8
    7) grade 7
    6) grade 6
    5) grade 5
    4) grade 4
    ST) teacher

  3. What age do you prefer to hang out with?
    1) doesn't matter
    2) younger
    3) older
    4) same age only
    5) same age and younger
    6) same age and older

  1. Your current hair color is:
    1) blonde
    2) not-so blonde
    3) brown
    4) red
    5) black
    6) mixed

  2. What hair color do you prefer on others?
    1) doesn't matter
    2) blonde
    3) not-so blonde
    4) brown
    5) red
    6) black
    7) mixed

  3. Standing up straight you're:
    1) under 4'9"
    2) 4'9" to 5'0"
    3) 5'1" to 5'4"
    4) 5'5" to 5'8"
    5) 5'9" to 6'0"
    6) over 6'0"

  1. What height do you prefer?
    1) doesn't matter
    2) under 4'9"
    3) 4'9" to 5'0"
    4) 5'1" to 5'4"
    5) 5'5" to 5'8"
    6) 5'9" to 6'0"
    7) over 6'0"

  2. The best thing you have going is:
    1) incredible intelligence
    2) gut splitting  humor
    3) amazing honesty
    4) super looks
    5) compassionate caring
    6) exceptional enthusiasm

  3. What do you look for first in others?
    1) doesn't matter
    2) intelligence
    3) sense of humor
    4) honesty
    5) looks
    6) caring
    7) enthusiasm

Remaining Questions


Decide whether or not you want the gender preference question and then download our custom questionnaire template.

If you are using paper questionnaires, use our template to print out your own custom questionnaires, or we can print them on the back of our answer forms for $0.03 each. Either way, you still need to place an order for scannable answer forms (bubble sheets) for your students to answer their questions on.

If you are using an online survey, use our template to make up your own custom questionnaire, email your questionnaire to us, and we will put it online for you - for free!


If your school has enough tablets, computers, or smart phones we can email you a link to an online survey dedicated just for your school.

You then distribute this short link to your students for them to complete their survey online.

Simply email (or call) us when your students are done filling out their surveys. We will then close your survey, grab your data, and print out your printouts. We can even let you know how many students have completed your survey as it progresses.

Just like paper questionnaires, it works best to have everyone fill out the survey at the same time. This guarantees the maximum participation rate, but it is not required.

Order in December or early January,

to give yourself lots of time to organize - especially if you have exams in January!

Your goal should be to get your printouts by February 6th so that you have a week to sell them before Valentine's Day.

Use the dates below as a guideline:

Shipping Speed Order Questionnaires
Send Questionnaires
for processing by
Slow January 12th January 22nd
Medium January 19th January 28th
Fast January 26th February 1st

If these dates don't work - don't freak out! Give us a call at 1-800-665-0396, we will try and accommodate you and we often work miracles!


If you wish a custom matching procedure (example: grades 9 and lower matched together and grades 10 and higher matched together) simply tell us when ordering.

Matchomatics has every matching procedure you can think of!

Here are some examples:

Matching Procedure Description
All Grades Matches all the grades together (like the sample printout).
One Above - Same - One Below Matches one grade above, same grade, and one grade below.
Matches the participants any way you want!
Some examples:
Specific Grade Matching Tell us the grade ranges you want matched together - for example (7-8) and (9-12).
Regardless of Gender All your participants are matched regardless of gender.
Opposite Gender Only Opposite gender matches only (no friends).
Staff with Students Teachers are normally only matched with other teachers. If you want teachers matched with students, just tell us when ordering.
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