How To Run Matchomatics (the Matchmaker Fundraiser)

1) Place your order

Pick a questionnaire and complete an order form (with your advisor).

We will either ship you paper questionnaires or email you a link to where your students can complete their questionnaire online (your choice).

2) Have your students fill out the questionnaires for Free

There is no charge for processing a person's data so everyone can participate!

Teachers can also participate if they wish (note: teachers will only be matched with other teachers - unless you specify otherwise).

Once the questionnaires are completed, simply return the paper questionnaires to us for processing (return instructions will be provided for you) or contact us and we will close your online survey.

We will then process your data and either ship your school paper printouts ready to sell
- or -
email you a pdf file of your results for you to print (or distribute) to your students (your choice).

3) Sell the Printouts and Collect the Cash

Advertise with your Printout Promotion Package (shipped free with your printouts).

Sell the printouts to the appropriate students.

Pay us for each printout sold plus shipping.

The more printouts you sell - the more money you make!

All unsold printouts are completely refundable - and you don't even need to send the unsold printouts back. Just count them and let us know how many you have.

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